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Meaning: An overwhelming desire to kiss

Dear Someone Like Me,

The buzzing of insects and rustling of the trees takes me back to the good old days of the first time I ran away from the school towards the forest road holding your hands in mine. My fingers unashamedly ran into yours. We pranced around the barks basking in the warm sunshine. I pulled you towards me. We were no more distant as our bodies brush. Your face flushed. I could see the minute architecture of your brown and round eyes. All the noise disappeared and I could only hear your warm breath as you look at me. You lean towards me but stopped and then again with hesitation. I run my fingers across your hair and pull them back around your ears. I could see your bare red face and plump lips. Your hands reach out for my face examining the rough texture of my skin and you keep holding it as if you were never to let go of it. My eyes closed and I could feel the soft lips. There was a warmth I never felt before. Your breath caught into mine. I could never forget the scent of your kiss.

You still come back to the forest. Time has not been kind to you. I see your shriveled face and wrinkled lips. The cane has not been a good support as I see you walking away from my grave. I stand there looking out far and my eyes moist. We had a beautiful life. I am an ethereal being of wilderness resting in solitude but my mind wanders again into the world of the living as I watch you and a strong desire rises within me. I wish I could kiss you again and feel the wonderful life you gave me unconditionally.

I love you, Someone Like Me


Someone Like You

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