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Meaning - The realization that the plot of your life doesn't make sense to you anymore

A calm despair is sensed when the crisp winds of the shore takes away the moist of our eyes and the dying light of the evening sun evokes an intimate feeling of what that ought to be has not come to be. We bury ourselves in the sand as the hour of the melancholy approaches. The approaching and receding waves brings memories of the old as the oscillating pendulum swings back to the script of the original story.

Dreams are a blessing bestowed upon us because that is the world where we belong. An ideal state of being and complete control where are aspirations are realized. Although reality does not work that way which is far from the ideal state of being. Dreams and reality are like two distinct unconnected land mass which is separated by the strait of actions. The journey across the strait can only be made by a wooden boat made of hard work, anchored and bolted by courage and steered by the oars of dedication.

We are aware of our story. The direction to sail is already set by the protagonist. The promised land was not far but the storm of adulthood washed us ashore to an island of the lost. It was never sudden when we look back and flip the pages from the book of our past. The indication of the storm was always there. We ignored them. What that ought to be never came to be.

You are perplexed. The story shouldn't have taken such a drastic turn. The protagonist is supposed to reach the promised land then why is it that we are stuck here in this inhabited land and entered a state of stasis. We accept the mundanity as way of living and waste rest of our life lost in the mist of inaction. We come back to chapters of our past and wonder about the power we possessed. We had the choice of choosing our own adventures. Why does the protagonist finds himself powerless in face of a powerful storm?

The hero must remember the ordained destiny to reach the promised land. Gear up, take action, break the shell, move forward, realise your potential and conquer the land you were promised. March on our Hero and rewrite the original story of what that ought to be has come to be.

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