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Meaning - The sentimental feeling you have about someone you once loved but no longer do

A strong sense of duality aches our heart in search of our other half. A jigsaw puzzle, an incomplete us, our physical self burning to touch and feel the warmth of our other half, waiting to be complete. Everyone is the same yet rare of us ring an enigmatic echo in the cold mountains of our lost soul. The echo resonates deeper and deeper within us. Our heart throbs for such an aura, pristine white, immaculate and impeccable, which surrounds us in their presence and brings ecstasy to our joyous soul. A complementary existence is the salvation of our lonely hearts.

The reality reveals itself. The forts fall, walls crack, gates crashed and our little lavish castles are archaic memory of ruins. We always blame the circumstances for what goes against us. It is rare we look into ourselves and examine what went wrong. The blemishes begin to surface, the pristine white aura turns into shades of black coiling us in its grip suffocating our existence. A complementary existence morphed into leftover pieces of broken heart.

Time, a healer of the worst of scars, does not wait. She has been depicted by many as evil but I consider her a goddess who was kind enough to bless us with forgetfulness. Our feeble bodies cannot sustain the raging spectrum of emotions which does not finds an escape. Time is like our mother. She is patient and tempers our surging vehemence. Slowly the feeling cease to exist. We escape the torture of what was present. Our journey of salvation begins again.

In our journey, sometimes, the deceitful aura returns. We know what it is. A dreaded existence is back which is ready to pounce on our heart. We fear relapse to a state of unending torture. The embers of passion from the past ready to char our present but not. Our heart has grown strong. The deceitful aura becomes ineffective. The echo of the past dampens and is never to be heard. Our throbbing heart no longer beats for the past. You look in retrospect the good memories and the feeling of nostalgia of someone you loved but no longer do now. A complementary existence which could have been but isn't yet do not feel anything about it because time has deaden the echo which was.

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