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Meaning - An intense yearning for something far-off and undefinable

I stand against a single-window inside these closed hard walls. A solitary light cutting through the glass windows protected by steel rods or rather the steel rods are there to trap anyone who feels adventurous to escape the clutches of the tyrant who rule these lands. It was not always like this. The flourishing land bestowed by bright ample sunlight where there exists no hatred and only love stayed in the hearts of the people had turned into a battleground where the warmth of kindness had been extinguished by the passion of war and blood in the name of an abstract supreme we put our faith in believing he will be the shining light of our life and his wisdom will become the guide for humanity to live a fulfilling life. I could never believe he will be the cause of our suffering.

I never strayed away from my path. I was devout. I thought you will never let any harm come to me. That is what I was told. Did I make any mistake for which you have punished me? I can never understand why do you want me to suffer in this dark cold cell. The tyrants have already killed my parents and my little brother. I have nothing left. My village did not do any harm to anyone. We loved each other. We were a family. You promised to protect us. Why didn't you come to save us the night those tyrants pulled the trigger of their death machine wiping the village clean of any kind person. We were helpless. They dragged me by my hair, covering my eyes and mouth, grabbing me by my waist and tossing me inside the truck with other women of my village. My head struck the edge of the truck. I fall down on the floor.

It was a bright afternoon and I am staring at the road as it heads towards the other side of the mountain. My father promised me when I grow up I could go to the other side of the mountain where all kinds of wonderful things were awaiting. He always traveled this road for his business. I was strictly barred from ever treading this road alone until I turn adult. I was eager to walk the road where surprises and adventures were waiting for me. I was to turn 18 tomorrow. I couldn't sleep due to excitement. My father promised to take me. I was wondering what the world would be like on the other side of the mountain. What kind of people lived there? Are there any animals like we have in our village or there are animals which I haven't seen? How are people on the other side of the mountain? Are they kind like the people in my village? Can I become a friend to a person living on the other side of the mountain? I was excited. I tried to suppress my excitement. I was lying on my bed as I heard a loud sound of bursting crackers and people shouting. Some people in camouflage clothes and black flags with big guns broke the door.

The truck stopped with a jerk. I must have been dreaming. Anxiety took over me. The trunk opened up and those tyrants started to drag out all the women from the truck. They started to beat the rebellious woman. Some women who tried to run away were shot down. I was dragged by a huge man with an eyepatch. He reeked of the horrible pungent smell. He grabbed me by the collar and threw me in this dark prison.

I have been locked up in this cell for a long time. The screams of the women have intensified. The shouting from the adjacent prison chills my spine. I am crying in fear. I don't know what will happen to me. I was watching the light through the window catching any warmth when suddenly the locks opened up. I saw the huge man with the eye-patch. He was towering in front of me. He reeked of the horrible pungent smell. He puts away the big gun outside the prison bars. He approaches me. Every inch of my muscles want to run away from here but there is no escape. He raises his huge right arm and slaps me hard. I fall down on the stone floor. The light slowly disappears. I feel his hands behind me.

I wake up. I must have passed out. I don't remember what happened. I try to stand but a searing pain cuts through my body. I feel excruciating pain in my vagina. The blood was all over the floor. My legs are not moving at all. There are bruise marks all over and my clothes have been ripped completely. My breast hurt, my hand's pain, my legs are numb and my lips are bitten. I can't move. I don't know how long I was unconscious but I regret waking up. I hear the lock open again. I can't see as I am turned towards the window. He grabs my waist. I remember the horrible pungent smell. I feel his hands as he grabs me by my naked waist and pulls me towards himself. He gets hold of my back and forced my legs to spread. I screamed as an agonizing pain shot through my body. He thrusts himself into me. I can't stop screaming. The pain is too much to bear. The stone cells are echoing my screams. They are, like me, trapped with no escape. The man does not stop. I feel blood draining and my body has turned cold. He does not stop.

I suddenly feel light. I stand up on my feet. The horrible smell has vanished. I feel the warmth. The light coming from the window is extremely bright. I turn back to see a man naked holding a woman on his arm and tossing her out of the jail. The woman laid there still. I feel pity for the woman. I looked at the light through the window. I stepped out towards the window and I pass the stone walls. I see a beautiful road which leads up to the other side of the mountain. A strong sense of yearning to cross the mountain rise in me. My heart says that I should travel this road to the other side of the mountain. I don't know what lays in front of me but I know that I should go. I start my journey to the other side of the mountain as the sunlight shines brightly as if calling me to come home.

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