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Meaning - A man who is desperately in love with a woman, but cannot admit his feelings or approach her

The madness of our hearts is an enigma to the reasons of our mind. I thought I was prepared for the moment. I had it rehearsed. Everything was set and ready to roll. The moment was there. Her black eyes doting mine. The moment was there. Just like the desert sand, I let it slip through my hands. A dream which never happened. A love destined to remain unknown. A fate sealed by my fear.

I am a coward and could not muster up the courage when I should have. I let the love die a brutal death in my heart because it treasured your presence more than anything. I consoled myself into believing a farce when I could just be real with what I feel.

This is the punishment deserved for all hearts who believe in keeping their love within themselves, decay and let the poison consume your soul leaving you hollow and shallow.

I watch her go far away. The time slip past me as I stood their waiting for the moment to return so that I can do the right thing. I have grown old and alone in the pursuit of the moment. I still stand there for her to return. A punishment I deserve as I watched death take me from the world I believed we could be together but only to spend my days on a wheelchair replaying the moment where I made the biggest mistake of my life.

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