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Meaning - The desire to live in or experience a fantasy universe for a planed amount of time

Time can't be imagined with a definite start and a definite end. Human's perspective limited by our inability to cross the barriers of three dimensions renders our understanding of the universe flawed.

For the sake of argument, let us assume a singular man at the start of time. There exists no one but him. He will embark on his life that shall be filled with several decisions taken based on his internal locus of thoughts until the moment he cease to exist. Each choice leads to a different consequence that defines his life. The only certainty here is death.

Let us take another case where a man exists at the start of time but there exists several other men along with him. He will embark on his life that shall be filled not only with several decisions taken based on his internal locus of thoughts but also his decisions shall be affected by his interaction with the external locus of ideas that are constantly shared within the community. Each of his choice lead to a different consequence that defines his life and the way forward for his small but ever growing community too. Again, the only certainty here is death.

Each choice is a factor in multiverse creation. The combinations of several choices of different beings factored in is the cause that propagates the nature of a particular universe. Although not all choices are scientifically significant enough to force a branch off the universe which is commonly called universe creation. At a given point in time, there are uncountable universes in the process of creation and destruction that are affected by the decisions of the entities present in that universe. The power of the mind is grossly underestimated. There are rare men and far more rarer moments that can change the course of time and branch off the universe. One such moment was the Montreal Protocol of 1987 that shifted the course of time from an imminent doom to a rather pleasant future. The factor of this landmark event was extremely high to cause shift in the universe creation.

Consider your mind as an engine of creation. Your efforts guided by the intelligence of your mind shall be towards the factor and stronger the efforts, stronger shall be the factor that can force out a parallel universe towards a better life. Our fantasies are nothing but a reality of a different universe which was tapped into by our alternate self that believed in the power of action. We may believe time may be on our side when we are young but that certainly is not the case when we procrastinate on our duties and our factors becomes weak to make any significant changes to our lives and universe creation.

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