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Meaning - The relationship by fate or destiny; A binding force between two people

It wasn't a mere chance. There are no accidents. You cannot imagine the different bends we had to take together so that our paths were to cross eventually and we could finally meet for the first time.

I often look back at our time and wonder about all the decisions I had taken. My decisions are me and has greatly influenced my journey, walking endlessly towards the everglowing bright light hoping to reach you. My feelings have always been clouded by a facade of deceit. It was something of my own creation. The light was always there in front of me. I was blind not to see it. Fate gave me a chance. Destiny crossed our threads of life. My heart cries and echoes a solemn wish. A second chance. The voice is lost somewhere in the great vastness of the universe resigning to the cruelty of time and forgot about the echo which was never to return. The despair drowned me. I am sorry. I wish I could say it but you were not there. I could not do anything. The time waits for none and I was no exception. Time waits for none. It reveals itself steadily and never fails to move forward. I was no exception. An ordinary man is no exception.

No. I don't accept it. I will not accept it. The heart does not accepts the absolute law of time. The will of the hearts is an indomitable force of kings which can conquer and break the arrogance of time. Only the will of our hearts can move the gears of destiny who bends the egotistical time. The echoes of my heart did reach the far end of the universe and she never fails to reply.

You may wonder what the reply was. It was a whisper of a second chance when I see her again in front of me. Yuanfen. The destiny crossed our paths yet again. She stood there and my heart raced. I looked into her eyes. The things I should have said are coming back to me. She smiled. Tears rolled down my cheeks. I was waiting all this time for "Someone Like You".

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