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Meaning - Delusions of Happiness

The deafening silence of the foggy landscape amplifies the sound of my heavy and cold breath. I can't see anything beyond a couple of feet. An eerie sensation envelops my nerves and cautions me to stay here. A giant lifeless tree stands in front of me.

I don't know how I reached here. I am not sure if any of this is real. The spectacle is magical. I feel happy where I am. I am content to look at that giant lifeless tree. It feels like my purpose is achieved. That tree is a symbol of stability. A life of no change. Inspite of these blooming emotions of joy bursting within me, a small part of me feels lost. I am not what I feel now. The euphoria has numbed my senses. It strongly suppresses an identity that feels scary yet familiar. A long lost identity that belonged to me when I was young, adventurous and dared to scale any obstacle on the path that I had chosen for myself.

Contentment had snatched every ounce of courage and excitement that made me feel alive. I reach out to touch the giant lifeless tree and everything manifests itself. The old memories flash past me reminiscing a lost time when I was an adventurer who did not shy away from any challenges and had the courage to make mistakes. He did not satisfy himself with achieving his milestones. He always pushed the limits of the boundaries and searched for greater horizons.

I stand staring distant towards the fog. I know what I must do. I have to leave this place that has become my comfort zone. In reality, the giant lifeless tree was a sign from the universe that I had overstayed my welcome. I have to struggle against this feeling of stability and march ahead towards nowhere and search for possibilities that are waiting for us anticipating our fateful encounter.

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