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Meaning - Earthly scent produced when rain falls on the dry soil

We all have lived our childhoods covered with this scent of the rain. A peculiar aroma which pervades the nature at the beginning of the monsoon showers. They bring joy to the suffering humans bearing the sweltering heat of our star. It is an oasis to the lost souls of the great sandy desert. A powerful fragrance that triggers happiness within as the rain showers and the earth sighs in relief.

Petrichor is intricately weaved to our lives. The diffusing cologne brings out the vivid colors of our mother nature. The child takes in this air filling his small lungs and instills a sense of nostalgia for years to come. A register of the times of ecstasy. A fleeting reminder of the past in our busy lives. It is apparently obscure in our daily routine but only when we encounter that we find ourselves yearning for it and feel lost without it. This ethereal and magical emanation reinforces a strong sense of ancestral bond which laces and twines our souls to our terran creation and brings us back to live our dormant instincts of living a free life of unpredictability like the waves of the seas riding courageously on the boat towards the promised lands of euphoria.

It is just not a smell. It is an essence of our wonderful times we spent in the abode of our mother nature. A survival relief from the drought. A harbinger of good tidings. A proof of our terrestrial existence. The clouds cover the vasts naked sky from the bright stinging beams of the sun and the mizzle coalesce, converge, mingles and homogenize with the terrain releasing the familiar scent of reminiscence breathing in the elixir as we hold a cup of hot tea in our small office cabins and watch through our windows the burned forsaken land blessed by the soothing touch of the raindrops.

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